What happened to BC's offense?

Boston College running back Montel Harris was expected to play and start against Nevada in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on Sunday night, but according to a team spokesman, when Harris was stretching at the team hotel, "something didn't feel quite right" and he said he couldn't go.

It's easy to look back and say the game might have been different had Harris played, but Nevada would have done a good job stopping BC's run game regardless of who was in there because of the Eagles' lack of a passing game. BC's receivers didn't match up well against the Wolf Pack's secondary, which was faster and won the one-on-one matchups. True freshman running back Andre Williams was held to 3.7 yards per carry, and the Eagles had 64 total rushing yards.

And this wasn't Stanford's defense, which held the Hokies to 66 rushing yards.

So where does BC's offense go from here?

Some Boston College fans have lamented the job offensive coordinator Gary Tranquill has done, but they might not have to anymore, as his retirement could be imminent. With so much youth on offense, there was bound to be a learning curve this year, and the Eagles should be better in 2011, especially at quarterback, where Chase Rettig has shown promise. A new offensive coordinator could give the offense a spark, but it will also be yet another transition for a staff that has lacked stability in recent years.

Whether it's recruiting, coaching or a combination of both, offensive improvements are needed quickly if Boston College is going to be a contender again in the Atlantic Division. Meanwhile, somebody get defensive coordinator Bill McGovern a raise.