Al Golden: Man on a mission

Miami coach Al Golden needs a quarterback. He knows he needs a quarterback. And he and his staff are working relentlessly to sign the best available one.

Last week, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio was at Jacoby Brissett's high school for 13 hours. He was at Dwyer High before Brissett arrived, and stayed until long after classes were done. Brissett is the top uncommitted quarterback in the country.

Golden has been working from coast to coast. Last week he was in California, Texas, Florida and Mississippi. He has been in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina and Georgia. Every day, all players on the Miami recruiting board receive an e-mail and letter that have been designed by a local ad firm.

Yes, the idea is to market the U.

Following Sunday's NFC championship, Golden was immediately on the phone with staff members looking for content on former Cane Sam Shields, now a rookie cornerback for the Green Bay Packers, that could be e-mailed to recruits. Like many assistants throughout the country, Miami's staff also writes handwritten letters to each recruit. Golden has already built a mailing calendar for 2012 centered around events like the Super Bowl, NFL draft, spring practices and big games.

Last weekend, when Miami welcomed a huge class of potential recruits in, Golden asked the entire athletics department to join them at the welcome lunch and assigned staff members from every area of the department to assist in visits.

Of course, he's also human. He's got to eat, and Chick-fil-A is one of his favorite quick stops. He takes every opportunity he can to get there. Rumor has it he nearly missed a flight last week while stopping for a chicken sandwich.

Quarterbacks, though, are his priority right now.