ACC Senior Bowl notes

It's been mostly quiet on the ACC side of things from the Under Armour Senior Bowl practices this week, as much of the focus has been on Jake Locker, but the Scouts Inc. crew had a few ACC-related notes from Wednesday's session:

Former FSU quarterback Christian Ponder has said he's 100 percent, but there still seems to be some hesitancy on his part, and the Scouts Inc. crew said it was tough to get a good read on him:

He showed good poise and went through his progressions, but he played it safe this week. He showed good touch and accuracy underneath, but he never aired it out. Every throw he made over 15 yards was a touch throw. He claims he's 100 percent, but that elbow injury he suffered during the season snowballed so maybe he was afraid to let it rip, or maybe he was worried he'd be injured again and have to start over.

Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay wrote that former FSU offensive lineman Rodney Hudson isn't a good fit for every NFL team and would flourish more with zone-blocking teams. It's hard to believe one of the ACC's best linemen won't be drafted in the first two rounds. Here's an excerpt from McShay's report on Hudson:

As long as he goes to the right scheme and has an opportunity to compete, he could be ready early in his career to step in as a starter and play at a satisfactory level. I say this because he has good experience and was very well coached, especially late in his career at FSU by Rick Trickett. Three things jump out at you about Hudson -- he takes good angles, gets good leverage (he gets low against bigger guys and holds his ground) and has good hands. He's not overly strong, but he gets his hands in the right places and walls guys off well enough to execute his assignment. Hudson is one of those guys who generates a lot of different opinions, but he's the type of guy who will be ready to play when he gets to the league and has a chance to prove a lot of people wrong.

Clemson's DeAndre McDaniel was one of Steve Muench's top performers. Muench wrote that McDaniel "still has a hard time changing directions quickly, but he did a good job of opening his hips and running with Alabama TE Preston Dial and Hawaii WR Gregory Salas. He also did a nice job of lining up in the box, slipping blockers and getting involved."

Former Miami receiver Leonard Hankerson has been turning some heads. The Scouts Inc. crew said he "looked ripped." They expect him to be drafted on Day 2.

The thing that stuck out was his hand size (10 inches) and he showed he knows how to use his hands the rest of the week on the field. He's so natural catching the ball and he's catching it away from his frame. It comes easy to him, and his huge hands are just swallowing the football. There was some concern he might get exposed as someone who couldn't separate from coverage, but that hasn't been the case. He gets inside leverage right off the line. He does a great job of setting defenders up and has improved his route running from what we saw on film. He's not a burner, but he's fast enough and also does a good job working in zone coverage and finding the open spots.