Wolfpack offense in Mike Glennon's hands

NC State quarterback Mike Glennon has been compared to former Boston College record-setter Matt Ryan, the ACC’s 2007 player of the year and current quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons.

Doesn’t matter -- at least not to Glennon.

“I’ve heard it since I was in high school,” Glennon said. “Honestly, it doesn’t mean a whole lot until I start playing like Matt Ryan.”

This could be the year he finally gets his chance to at least try.

Glennon said he doesn’t know what Russell Wilson’s plans are, nor has he talked to the Pack’s former starter about whether Wilson will return to school for his final season or continue to play baseball with the Colorado Rockies. Right now, this offense is in Glennon’s hands, and it’s not the first time. Glennon was in this same situation a year ago when Wilson was playing baseball, and he worked with the first-team offense for all15 spring practices. He threw for eight touchdowns in three spring scrimmages, but turned the starting job over to Wilson in summer camp and threw the ball just 13 times last season.

This spring it’s a little different. As far as coach Tom O’Brien is concerned, it's Glennon's job now.

“It definitely feels a lot more real,” Glennon said. “They say that I’m the guy, whereas in years past you’re competing for the job and all that. Now they say I’m the guy and they’re going with me. I’ve always worked hard and been a competitor, so I don’t think my preparation is that much different. I guess my mindset is a little bit different.”

Glennon, who is more of a prototypical drop-back passer than Wilson, said the notion that the offense will look different with him as quarterback is a misnomer.

“Really it’s going to be the same offense,” he said. “They’re not going to change the whole playbook for me, but we’re going to feature certain plays that play to my advantage and won’t do as much that played to Russell’s advantage. The offense is really not that different, it’s just a matter of what plays we’re going to run more often.”

Glennon is taking over for a program that won nine games last season -- the second most in school history. He knows that his success will play a large role in whether or not the Wolfpack can sustain that.

“That’s where we want to be and we want to even improve that,” he said. “The last senior class set the bar high. Now that’s the standard, if not better. We’re looking to build off last year and hopefully bigger and better things.”