ACC's lunchtime links: T-Pain for prez?

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

  • Among the various artists I have on my iPod right now are Tupac, Flo Rida, and T.I. (don't pigeon-hole me, please, I've also got Metallica, the Cranberries, and The Rolling Stones). Point is, I can think of a lot of other hip-hop artists I'd rather have as my university president than T-Pain, who started a "cam-pain" for the FSU gig. Sure, he can "Buy U a Drank," but, as outgoing president T.K. Wetherell wants to know, "Can he lobby the Legislature?"

  • The economy is hurting, and so are Maryland's ticket sales. Not exactly the ideal time to try to sell luxury suites, and that's exactly what Maryland needs to do.

  • When Virginia opens camp this weekend, first-year offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon will be looking for a few receivers who can make his spread offense work.

  • Clemson is gingerly going to ease Jacoby Ford back into drills. No need to clobber one of the fastest guys in the country before the season starts.

  • Tony Barnhart tackled the ACC Atlantic on Wednesday, and today he scouts the Coastal Division.

  • Staying in the Coastal Division, here are five questions facing Miami -- the first and most important being whether the Canes can win the ACC. The answer is yes.