Schlabach's top 25: FSU No. 3

ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach revealed his post-spring top 25 and the Seminoles check in at No. 3.


In the country.


I like Mark, really I do. Talked to him on the phone yesterday. Good guy. But he's giving FSU too much credit too soon. And he's not giving the Hokies enough.

Keep scrolling down on his list to find Virginia Tech, which ranked No. 23.

And there you have it -- the ACC's lone teams expected to receive the most preseason attention and national pub -- the same teams that played last year for the ACC championship.

I agree that these teams should be considered the ACC's front-runners, and said so in my latest top 25. But I don't think that there's that much of a gap between the best team in the Atlantic Division and the best team in the Coastal Division.

Virginia Tech and Florida State both have first-year starting quarterbacks. They both have excellent staffs. They both have at least one running back who should be among the best in the league. They both have veteran receivers. They'll both be strong up front. FSU wins when it comes to the kicking game, but last year only 11 points separated these two programs -- and that was with EJ Manuel leading the offense.

I don't doubt that Florida State has enough talent on its roster to be one of the best teams in the country, but until proven otherwise, the gap between the Seminoles and Sooners should remain larger than the gap between the Noles and the Hokies.