ACC villians: Reader's choices

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

The writers and bloggers at ESPN.com picked our villains this week, and we asked you for yours. Here were a couple of suggestions in my mailbag:

Greg Bowyer in Roanoke, VA wrote: Virginia Tech All-Time Villain; Marcus Vick MV2 cost the Hokies a shot at the national title when he was kicked off the team prior to the 2006 season. All four of his would-be passing targets are representing themselves very well in NFL camps: Eddie Royal in Denver, Justin Harper in Baltimore, Josh Morgan for the 49ers, and David Clowney for the New York Jets. Nonetheless, VT went 10-2 with an inexperienced Sean Glennon under center AND the number one ranked defense in the nation.

Brian A in Baltimore, MD wrote: I'd like to submit Reggie Ball as a villian for Georgia Tech. Four year starter, got worse each year, never beat Georgia - usually with baffling performances in those losses (remember the spike? the throw away pass on fourth down?). I may be the only Tech grad who actually likes Reggie - he threw a great deep ball (although he had to be outside of the pocket and usually targeting CJ). Chan Gailey is also a villain.

Adam Wimpee in Tallahassee, FL wrote: Couple ideas for FSU's Villains. Current: The Deamon Deac's lost a lot recently to them, Tim Tebow no FSU likes him, respect and kind feelings are two different things. Urban Mayer for getting UF tied and possibly this season passing FSU in National Championships not to mention the bad losses to him since 05.Past: Kickers vs. Miami not much needed to be said, Steve Spurrier cocky and not above taking a cheap shot at His rival when something goes wrong "Free State". Past and Current: Nothing tops the arrogance and sheer hubris of Miami and Florida fans which all of the above have contributed to creating.

Julius Lai in Arlington, VA wrote: HD - love the blog. Couldn't get this comment to work on the 'ACC Villains' post, but wanted to share :I don't know about Spurrier as a Duke "villain". He was successful with us, left on good terms to pursue bigger and better things, and remained friendly enough to keep a Duke football helmet in his UF office and vote Duke #25 in every preseason coaches poll for a while. Doesn't sound very villainous to me?An alternative "all-time" pick could be USC for beating Duke in the 1939 Rose Bowl, scoring the only points given up by previously-undefeated Duke all season. Or perhaps Oregon State for beating Duke (again, previously-undefeated) in the only Rose Bowl ever played outside Pasedena in 1943.Keep up the great work!

Thanks again for all your suggestions!