City schools: Your take

We spent this morning looking at some of the pros and cons of the ACC's city schools -- defined as programs that are competing in a market alongside an NFL franchise. Maryland gets a double dose, as it shares the spotlight with the Ravens and Redskins. BC's hockey team might get more ink than the football team. I know you don't need me to list all of the things there are to do in South Florida besides watch Miami. I'm interested to hear your take -- what do the fans love and hate about their school's location? I know you love the Varsity. But do you love the parking?

@Eric_Rivals: Atlanta - Love it. Couldn't be any better. Always something to do and never a dull moment. Plus Atlanta is gorgeous at night.

@xenoabe: @ESPN_ACC Atlanta, great city w/ tons to do. GT is cornered off enough to feel like college town still. Still work across street from GT.

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