Mike Glennon can't shake Russell Wilson

The shadow hasn’t left.

It just moved to Wisconsin.

Instead of having the spotlight all to himself this fall -- as you would think most starting quarterbacks do -- NC State’s Mike Glennon will continue his career this year in the shadow of Russell Wilson. It’s not fair to Glennon, really, and it’s nobody’s fault. They’re two different quarterbacks, at two different points in their careers, at two different schools, in two different conferences.

And yet it’s going to be impossible not to compare their progress this season.

Wilson could be the starter for a team that should very much be considered a contender for the Big Ten title this season. (And if you don’t watch Wisconsin this season, if for no other reason than to see how Wilson fares, then you might as well trade your college football game plan in for the Lifetime Movie Network.)

If Wilson wins that starting job and leads the Badgers to the top of the Big Ten standings, it would only be natural for NC State fans to lament what could have been -- unless, of course, Glennon leads NC State to the ACC championship game.

If Wilson would have stuck with professional baseball, it would have been much easier for him to fade into the background of the minor leagues. Instead, the rest of the college football world is likely to finally realize just how good he is. Meanwhile, Glennon will be faced with the unenviable position of trying to make NC State fans forget.