Mailblog in the morning -- 'po Dukies

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Robb, in Raleigh, writes (and I shortened this one): Heather - I have really enjoyed the blog because although I am a big fan of college football in general, I care most about ACC. You blog gives me a great place to go to find out what's happening around the ACC without having to read the beat reporters from 12 different papers. One little problem I am starting to have is your constant ripping on Duke. Either report on Duke or don't report on Duke but please stop leading every Duke report with some funny little quip about how no one cares or how bad they are. We all get it. Sure Duke has been pretty bad in the past and yes, they deserve no respect from the players and fans of other ACC teams. However as a member of the media now I think it is your duty to gives these guys a little respect.

Heather Dinich: Whoa. First of all, toughen up buttercup. Second, read the blog a little more carefully and you'll find I've backed the Blue Devils and their head coach this season.

Brandon, writes: Heather, You should be ashamed that you linked anything to a Mike Bianchi article. He is absolute garbage. I would say that you just went out of your way to make FSU look bad. You didn't go to UF too did you? Bianchi will try to do and say anything if it makes FSU look bad...it is sad really. As far as the other article, who the heck wants to go see 2 1-AA schools to start the season? I'm a season ticket holder and it takes 5 hours to get to Tally. Simply can't make it every week. When the economy picks back up, this will be a non-issue. The downturn in ticket sales isn't to non-performance, its due to the location of Tallahassee and the economy. Keep the word good on the Noles, they need it. Oh yeah, maybe you should mention how well Smurf is doing in practice. He'll open some eyes this year. GO NOLES!!! P.S. - Keep up the good work Heather!

Heather Dinich: I got a lot of notes like this one. Does anyone realize that the ACC in the morning post is stuff I can't make up?

Ashwin, in Fairfax, Va., writes: Heather, you didn't respond to my last question, so here's hoping you respond to this one: It's been a foregone conclusion that Clemson would win the Atlantic division. I don't think anyone is denying that. But when they do meet Virginia Tech (..could be Miami, just maybe), then I don't think their talent will mean anything. The hokies are just too fast and talented, despite the horrible unit rankings people are doling on them (besides OL). How come you don't see that?

Heather Dinich: Sorry, man, take a number. I've got a few questions in there. Because Clemson's players are proven and many of Virginia Tech's are not, particularly at wide receiver and running back and defense and ...

Billy, in Chestnut Hill, MA, writes: Heather, I was wondering if you could explain the idea that TOB left the cupboard filled when he left BC. The 2009 BC Eagles will be almost exclusively Jags' players. He left us with a great senior class and a very good junior class, but not much of anything beyond that.

Heather Dinich: Billy, I'll let Jagz answer that one. He told me this yesterday:

"We're going to have to use a lot of young backs. I was left with none after last year, and that's just the way it is. Same with the offensive line. I've got all freshmen behind them. I guess we will find out how good a coach I am this year."

Ryan, in Altoona, Pa, writes: Heather, for the most part you do pretty nice work. I do however think you need to stop taking your pokes at Florida State and occasionally Miami. It's getting quite old. FSU is about a season away from being a national powerhouse and have more current talent then every team in the ACC minus clemson. And as far as the scandals and such, enough already how about you talk about some positive news thats going on in the conference. FSU is far from the most troubled team out there. Penn State has had more arrests then any team in the past few yrs so stop making FSU out to be some black sheep. There are problems all over the country especially involving the cheating scandal EVERY SCHOOL HAS THESE PROBLEMS

Heather Dinich: Ryan, I'll admit I've been tough on Miami, but FSU? Come on. I've said nothing but good things about Jimbo Fisher, guys like Everette Brown, Myron Rolle, and even did an interview with Drew Weatherford. Having covered Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden, I can tell you only one guy has handled the exit plan the right way, and he's not in your neck of the woods.

Coop writes: I love how the Miami Hurricanes get no respect. Yes I know that the last couple of years have been sub-par for the Canes and we have a lot of unproven players this year, but we still should get some kind of love. Everyone accross the nation is in for a big surprise from this year on because, we are back with a vengance. We have recruitted Talent out the ying yang, not only professional prospects but all around students and people. Miami has had one of the highest graduation rates in all of college football over the past couple of years, but again we get no love. Well to all that hate the Canes get ready to do some crying for a lot of years to come, because THE U is Back. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U, BABY. R.I.P #26 Sean Taylor.

Heather Dinich: Your Canes will get respect again when they win more than two conference games.

Chad, in Greensboro, writes: Thanks for all of the love for the Pack. I think TOB has a couple of kids at ESPN. Maybe in the TV part. My question is "Who is going to be the starter for NC State at Quarter back when we open at USC? I think having this story is going to be benificial come game time. It is going to be some story with five quarterbacks battling for a starting job. Most of which where highly recruited nationally coming in. This may be a game time storyline. Chad

Heather Dinich: It's obviously either going to be Daniel Evans or Russell Wilson now that Glennon is going to redshirt, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Evans because of his game experience. Or Russell starts the game and watches the defense a bit while Evans comes in.

Speaking of QBs, somebody in Columbia, Md, writes: I honestly think that Ralph made a sympathy decision to choose Steffy over Turner. Steffy is a 5th year senior who's been with the program for ever it seems and I just think Ralph had to make that decision. Who cares what you look like in practice. You don't win games in practice and that is a reason why Maryland loses out on the good recruits in the area. I'm very very disappointed with the decision like many other Terp fans and we will see how this turns out. Chris win games for you point blank.

Heather Dinich: I can tell you the coaches agonized over this decision until about midnight Sunday. I can also tell you it wasn't a "sympathy" decision. This was based on practice stats. Steffy was more consistent. That being said, I agree that Chris Turner is the better quarterback. Odds are Steffy is on a short leash, but it's highly likely all three will play anyway.