Bowden reveals he had prostate cancer

Former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden was secretly treated for prostate cancer before the 2007 season and has been in remission for four-plus years, ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach has reported.

This is unbelievable.

BowdenNot only that he went through all of that treatment and physical and emotional stress at his age, but also that he somehow managed to keep it a secret. Jimbo Fisher said he had no idea.

"I didn't say anything because of coaching," Bowden, 81, told Schlabach. "In recruiting, if people find out you have some kind of problem, they're going to magnify it. If you have cancer, they're going to make it sound like you're dying. It would have been all over the country."

That's exactly what he wants to happen now, as his reason for disclosing the secret is to raise awareness about prostate cancer. It's a remarkable story:

Dr. Joseph L. Camps Jr., who was a defensive back and senior captain on Bowden's first team at Florida State in 1976, completed the brachytherapy procedure on Bowden at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in April 2007.

"We took him to surgery in the middle of the night and shut down a wing of the hospital," said Camps, who is also a member of Florida State's Board of Trustees. "We identified him as 'Robert B' and then treated him through outpatient treatment."

I can't even imagine being Camps. That was easily the biggest play he ever made for Bowden.