Friday conversation: QB Mike Glennon

For the most part this season, NC State quarterback Mike Glennon has played well enough for the Wolfpack to win. He’s put up respectable numbers in his first season as a starter, and he has handled the shadow of former teammate Russell Wilson well. Glennon enters this week’s game against Central Michigan ranked No. 4 in the ACC in passing average per game, and No. 5 in pass efficiency. He has thrown 12 touchdown passes and four interceptions. I caught up with Glennon earlier this week to get his take on the Wolfpack’s struggles. Here are the highlights of our interview:

From your perspective, how have you played and what’s not going right right now?

Mike Glennon: For me, I think I’ve learned from each game. I think I made a big jump from Game 1 to Game 2. I seem to have gotten more comfortable with everything. Things that haven’t gone well are we have yet to put a full game together. We’ve shown a spark, we’ve shown signs of being a good football team, but we have yet to put together that full, four good quarters.

What do you attribute that to?

MG: We have good players, we have good coaches. We have guys who work hard. I’m not really sure why that is.

I know the defense has been banged up, but from your side, are you surprised you guys have struggled?

MG: Yeah, I think we had high expectations coming in this year. We felt like we had a good opportunity coming in, but we still feel like we have seven more games to turn this around. We’re excited to get ourselves out of this hole.

What do you need to do to do that?

MG: Well, like I said, we need to play four good quarters and come out strong from the get-go and finish strong and really just play the way we’ve been coached and taught I think we’ll get everything going again.

What’s been the most frustrating part of it so far?

MG: Probably just having the high expectations. Coming in we felt like we could keep the ball rolling. Obviously we haven’t been able to do that.

I have to ask you, do you still feel that Russell Wilson’s shadow is hanging over you, given the success he’s having this year with Wisconsin?

MG: He is doing a great job over there, but really I think he’s doing the same thing he was doing when he was here. He’s just getting more attention up there than he did down here. I don’t think that really plays into the role of our team’s success.

And it hasn’t factored into your psyche at all?

MG: No. I’ve always known he was a good player, it’s just that now he’s in more of a national spotlight and that’s why he’s getting the credit he has always deserved.

So tell me specifically about things you have been working on, whether it’s your release, footwork, timing with the receivers. Are all of the mechanics going well, or is it things around you that are breaking down?

MG: I think as an offense it comes back to the whole consistency factor. The last game we started off real slow and finally we got it going. They couldn’t stop us. That’s been the thing with us the whole year is that we haven’t been consistent. Some drives we play really well, other drives we don’t.

Do you feel like you’re playing for a bowl team?

MG: Yeah, I think we definitely have the talent. We have the capabilities to beat the teams on our schedule. We just have to start playing more consistently for four quarters.