UNC hopes for quick resolution from NCAA

North Carolina interim coach Everett Withers' recruiting sales pitch these days isn't all that different from every other school: Come to our great university, get a good education and play big-time college football.

"That's been our message, is the schools sells itself," Withers said, "and that's been the No. 1 message."

The only problem is, Withers -- and anyone else at Carolina for that matter -- can't answer the No. 1 question facing potential recruits right now: What other sanctions will the football program face?

North Carolina has its hearing on Friday before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions, but a school spokesman has said university officials don't expect to have a conclusion on the matter for another two to three months. Meanwhile, Withers and his staff are doing the best they can to lure in recruits and keep the ones who are already committed, despite the uncertainty still surrounding the future of the program.

"It would be great for moving forward, and that's what we all are trying to do is move forward and build and grow and learn from past experiences, so yes, it would be great to have a quick decision and something that we can say definite," Withers said. "You know, that's probably the most frustrating thing is not being able to say 100 percent what's going to happen."