ACC race update: Week 11

Warning: The ACC can make you dizzy, and your head might spin after you read this post. It hurt mine to write it.

There are still more questions and scenarios than there are answers as we head into Week 11, and with only three weeks remaining in the regular season, the ACC race continues to be an unfolding story. This week should provide more clues as to who will wind up in Charlotte on Dec. 3, but as of right now, here are a few important notes on where teams stand (and thanks to the ACC's associate commissioner for football communications, Mike Finn, for helping me sort this out):

What we know in the Atlantic Division:

  • NC State, Boston College and Maryland are out of the race.

  • Clemson can clinch the division with a victory over Wake Forest on Saturday.

If only it were that simple ...

A few possible scenarios for the Atlantic Division:

  • Clemson still wins if: It loses to Wake Forest but beats NC State AND Wake loses to Maryland.

  • Wake Forest wins if:

    • It beats Clemson AND Maryland OR

    • It beats Clemson, but loses to Maryland, and Clemson loses to NC State, AND Florida State loses one of two remaining league games.

  • FSU wins if:

    • It beats Miami and Virginia AND

    • Wake beats Clemson AND loses to Maryland AND

    • Clemson loses to NC State.

The Coastal Division has the potential to cross your eyes even more, so let's just take a look at the least convoluted scenarios:

What we know in the Coastal Division:

  • UNC and Duke are definitely out because the winner of the Thursday night game between Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech will finish no worse than 5-3.

  • Virginia can clinch the division by winning out.

  • Virginia Tech wins by winning out.

  • A Virginia Tech win on Thursday would eliminate Georgia Tech and Miami. The Hokies would own tiebreakers over both, even with a four-way 5-3 finish.

  • Miami isn't out of it yet, but I'll keep it simple and say that the Canes need a LOT of help to stand a chance.