Friday mailblog

You asked, I answered.

Brian in C'ville, Va., (currently Afghanistan) writes: So after seeing our performance against GT what do you have to say about VT, more importantly, what do you have to say about David Wilson not being talked about for the Heisman still?

HD: Outstanding job, not only by the Hokies but also the coaching staff in making adjustments along the way. As for Wilson, let's see if he gets any love this week in the Heisman Watch. He definitely had the national stage on Thursday night and couldn't have done much more to state his case, but again, I go back to the fact that there are other talented players out there who are in the mix for the national championship. Andrew Luck is still playing for an undefeated team, and it's a big year for record-setting veteran quarterbacks. I will tell you what you want to hear, though: Wilson is good enough that he should be in the conversation.

Chris in Durham, N.C., writes: Heather, any idea or word on what the situation is in Chapel Hill with regards to next year's coaching situation?

HD: No, Chris, it's still too early. While there has been wide speculation that interim coach Everett Withers won't be retained as head coach, nothing has been reported that has substantiated that, nor do I expect anything from North Carolina on that matter until the season is over. UNC has already had to deal with the distraction of losing one coach this season.

Pantherpitt07 in Louisville KY writes: Hi Heather, Has there been any discussion to the divions of the ACC once Pitt and Syracuse join? would they just add one team to the Atlantic and the other to the Coastal or would it cause a new set up in how all 14 teams are split?

HD: Not yet, they don't even know when Pitt and Syracuse will officially join the league, which makes future scheduling virtually impossible. The ACC doesn't anticipate reaching any decisions on the divisions until the league's winter meeting in February.

Scott in Avon NC writes: Do you think the ACC bowl record will be good this year? It seems Clemson, GT, VT and FSU are all really good teams this year and we could end up with 9 bowl bound teams. Miami, UNC, Wake they all seem about the same....I think the ACC is deep enough this year to win all it's December something bowls and if both Bama and LSU are in BCS bowls then the ACC will get a 4th place SEC in the Peach Bowl and a big east champ in the Orange. Just saying bowl season looks good no?

HD: Two thoughts on that: 1. It's impossible to predict without knowing the matchups and 2. I'll believe it when I see it. The ACC hasn't had a winning bowl record since it went 5-3 in 2005.

BigDaddyCaneLXA in Atlanta, GA writes: With the current issues at Penn State, coupled with a recent story surfacing about Al Golden's contract status with UM, do you believe that Miami will be looking for a new head coach in the springtime? Please give me some deep insight here, as I finally like what I see on the field on Saturdays...

HD: Well, I don't know how much "deep insight" I can give you, considering Golden hasn't said anything but reaffirm his commitment to the Canes, but here's the thing: I don't know why Golden would want this job, especially as an alum. I get that Miami will likely be facing sanctions, yada yada, but anyone with ties to Penn State is going to face even more scrutiny. Do I think Golden would be good for the job? Yes. Does he want it? I honestly don't know, but he certainly isn't going to even hint as much at this point in the season.

TJ the Hoo in Shreveport, La writes: The UVa-VT rivalry has been a rather lopsided one in the last decade or so. The last time the Hoos beat the Hokies was in 2003. Do you think this is the year the Hoos can beat Tech? Also, do you think the rivalry game this year will be for the Coastal? Lastly, I know you have said several times that UVa is ahead of schedule under Mike London. I appreciate you finally giving them credit. In your opinion, does UVa being ahead of schedule mean they'll be in the hunt for the ACC championship or in that top tier from here on out (especially given their strong recruiting)?

HD: 1. Yes, I think they can beat Virginia Tech, but I dont think they will based on how well the Hokies played against Georgia Tech last night. 2. I don't think that rivalry game is going to decide the division, because I don't think the Hoos will be able to get past Florida State. 3. There's no question Virginia will be a contender next year, considering that as I write this, they're a contender right now.