Halftime: Boston College 14, NC State 3

Boston College coach Frank Spaziani has said repeatedly in the past few weeks that his team is getting better.

With the exception of a win at Maryland, though, we haven't really seen much of it on the scoreboard until now. This is the kind of defense BC fans are used to seeing, and the offense has played well, sustained drives and controlled the clock against NC State. The Eagles have nothing to lose at this point in the season, but NC State still has bowl eligibility on the line, and with two more wins needed in the final three games, the Wolfpack can't afford to lose this one -- not with No. 9 Clemson looming next week.

The first half has been an example, though, of the inconsistency that has defined NC State this year. The Wolfpack was manhandled in a 34-0 loss at Florida State, and then responded by beating rival UNC for the fifth straight time last weekend. And now this?

BC is getting better play from its offensive line, and NC State has just four rushing yards and hasn't been able to protect Mike Glennon as well as it needs to. BC hasn't quit, so expect more of the same effort in the second half.