Halftime: NC State 27, Clemson 3


Un. Believable.

Clemson doesn't look like the No. 7 team in the nation, but it's doing a great job of making NC State look like a top 10 team. Wow, Wolfpack, wow. NC State, the same team that just lost to Boston College last week, is beating Clemson in every phase of the game, and the defense has been outstanding. Clemson's defense, on the other hand, has been knocked over, outplayed, and the secondary shocked. NC State quarterback Mike Glennon completed 8 of his 10 final passes in the half.

Clemson has come out flatter than three-day-old soda. The Tigers have just 83 total yards to NC State's 197. Bowl eligibility is on the line for NC State, but the Wolfpack is playing like this is the Super Bowl.

Feel like 2009, Clemson fans? Try again. This looks worse.

Clemson has made big comebacks before -- three times this season the Tigers have climbed out of deficits of at least 14 points, but this? This is a crater-sized hole and would be the biggest comeback of the season for the Tigers.

Don't look now, ACC, but Clemson is finally "pulling a Clemson."