Halftime: South Carolina 17, Clemson 10

The score isn't ideal, but it should be encouraging for Clemson fans and the ACC. However, Clemson's defense remains a question. South Carolina has 272 yard to Clemson's 81, and had the ball for 21 minutes in the first half. They're running and passing the ball efficiently, and causing problems for the Tigers' defense on third downs.

Clemson's offense has hardly looked explosive, but that should have been somewhat expected given that South Carolina's defense has been its strength this year. Clemson's defense, though, has been one of its weakest links this season and was a big reason many were reluctant to consider the Tigers a contender for the national title. NC State proved those concerns to be legitimate.

The good news for Clemson is that it hasn't turned the ball over yet. Clemson has had 11 turnovers in the past three games. Stopping that trend was vital to have a chance at beating their in-state rivals and it will continue to be in the second half. So will making some stops defensively and finding a way to move the ball.