McGee: 2012 schedules kind to ACC

ESPN The Magazine's Ryan McGee took an early look at the nation's top 10 schedule winners for 2012, and the ACC had four teams make the cut:

No. 3 Florida State

No. 4 Virginia Tech

No. 8 Clemson

No. 9 NC State

Here's a sneak preview of what McGee had to say about Clemson:

Wait ... why are so many ACC teams on this list? Because low expectations + soft schedule = early upward poll movement. To the pollsters, the image of the Tigers that will still be with them in August will be the smoldering rubble pile that West Virginia left on the floor of the Orange Bowl. If -- and this is a gigantic "if" -- they can knock off Auburn in one of the Chick-Fil-A kickoff games, the Tigers should start climbing quickly.

The official ACC schedule doesn't usually come out until February, and we'll be sure to dissect it thoroughly then, but this is a good early look at what the league has to work with.