ACC mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

No, it's not Friday (boo), but there's no reason we can't do the mailblog twice a week:

Shawn in Elon, N.C., writes: Could Elon be a trap game for Wake, am I just stupid, or a little of column A and a lot more of column B? I want pain in WS this year after my beloved Noles lost to Wake 3 years in a row. FSU plays there later, but Elon plays there Saturday. And Elon is Nole backwards--an omen?, yes, I think so :)

Heather Dinich: Clever, I like it. And, yes, absolutely this could be a trap game. I know the staff is taking it seriously enough that it thinks it could be, too. Elon enters the game 2-0 and quarterback Scott Riddle is coming off a record-setting performance in which the Phoenix racked up 614 total yards. That being said, there's no excuse for Wake to lose that game.

Joey in Atlanta writes: Heather, what is your opinion of Georgia Tech's offense after it's sluggish performance against clemson, and any predictions with the Miami Game on thursday night?

HD: My opinion is less about GT's offense and more about Clemson's defense, which played very well after the first quarter. Obviously Josh Nesbitt could've played better, and he knows that, but they made the big plays when they needed to. Predictions for that game come on Thursday, but I expect it to be another great game with a fair amount of offense.

Kyle in Wilmington, N.C., writes: Hey Heather! Can you give an update on Pianalto's status after the MRI results come back? Thanks, Kyle

HD: Status quo, Kyle. The doctors don't want to say whether he'll play this weekend, for fear of giving out incorrect information too early, but my personal opinion is I'd be surprised if he did.

Mike in Arlington, Va., writes: HD-Considering the performance by VT's freshmen runnings backs (Williams and Wilson), do you think there is any consideration of Darren Evans transferring? Not to say I dont love the guy. Hes a heck of a ball player and a very physical runner, but he doesn't quite have that breakaway speed that our two freshmen RB's clearly do. Thanks and Go Hokies!

HD: No, definitely not. If Evans leaves Blacksburg for anywhere besides the NFL, I'd be surprised.