Jackets 'amped' about possible date with VT

There has been much speculation recently about the possibility of a Labor Day matchup between Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, though nothing has been officially announced and the ACC schedule is still not out (you can thank West Virginia for that, ACC fans).

Some reports have said that the possibility is more appealing to Virginia Tech than Georgia Tech, while others toe the line on exactly who that matchup might favor. Last November, Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech, 37-26, and the Jackets struggled to bring down the Hokies' lumberjack quarterback, Logan Thomas, who accounted for three passing and two rushing touchdowns.

One thing is clear -- Georgia Tech's players have no fear of the meaningful early game.

"No ma'am," said Georgia Tech safety Isaiah Johnson. "We amped, we pumped."

Johnson said they haven't heard anything official on it, though.

"There’s been rumors of it," he said. "We’re excited, to tell you the truth. That will be a good one. Last year, with how that turned out, we weren’t too proud about that."

It shouldn't be too much longer until we find out the official word on what the league schedule looks like. West Virginia's last-minute bail-out on Florida State put the Noles in a bind and they're scrambling now to fill the open date. There simply aren't a lot of options available. My guess for the best-case scenario is we see the schedule sometime next week.

I know, I know, you're amped. You're pumped. You're not the only one.