O'Brien situation handled poorly from start

Since Randy Edsall was hired at Maryland last January, 24 players with eligibility remaining have left the program.

Since the 2011 season ended, a total of a dozen players with eligibility remaining have bolted, including a combined 48 starts and both starting offensive tackles.

This one tops ‘em all.

Quarterback Danny O'Brien's decision to leave the program, which was announced by the school on Monday morning, doesn’t just leave the Terps in a bind at the position (C.J. Brown is now the only quarterback on the roster with any experience), it is a reflection on how poorly the situation was handled by Edsall from start to finish. O’Brien’s decision should come as no surprise to Maryland fans who have followed this saga since last season.

It began with last season’s quarterback controversy, when O’Brien was benched at Georgia Tech in favor of Brown. The move showed a lack of confidence and faith in O’Brien and it carried on throughout the rest of the season, leaving Maryland’s offense without an identity and its 2010 starting quarterback without any direction.

It continued with Edsall’s infamous quote about not “minimizing expectations” enough for O’Brien. According to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, Edsall said in November, "Again, I think sometimes that expectations on young people can make it tough as well. Maybe I didn't do a good enough job of minimizing expectations for him.” O’Brien responded by saying that nobody holds higher expectations for him than he does.

And now, as the two of them finally parted ways, Edsall let it be known he wasn't happy with O'Brien's decision.

“I’m disappointed by Danny’s decision,” Edsall said. “Danny told me that he’s not committed to our program, that he’s not ‘all in.’ I want what’s best for all of our players.”

There's a reason, though, that not all of them are there anymore.