Miami Hall welcomes 8; new depth chart

Four former Miami football players were among the eight athletes inducted Thursday into the school's sports Hall of Fame.

Ray Bellamy, Ed Reed, Bryant McKinnie and Rich Mercier were all enshrined, and Reed and McKinnie now join Ravens teammate Ray Lewis as Miami Hall of Famers on the same roster.

Getting in with a current teammate was all the more special for McKinnie. From the Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten:

"Winning the [2001] national championship with Ed, 10 years later joining the same [NFL] team and then we're both entering the Hall of Fame at the same time...I wasn't expecting when I first got here to the University of Miami to be able to walk away and actually be inducted into the Hall of Fame," McKinnie said. "Winning a national championship was a big enough deal for me, but then to have this honor to add to it makes it even better."

As for this year's team, the Hurricanes will hold their second spring scrimmage Friday night, in Fort Myers. The team released a new depth chart prior to it, which can be found here.

A.J. Highsmith is the most noticeable of the first-teamers, as he is now ahead of Vaughn Telemaque and Andrew Swasey at strong safety.