Miami defends walk-on signs

Al Golden is not looking for public approval.

The second-year Miami coach has taken a rather unique approach to adding depth to the Hurricanes' roster, and he is not apologizing for it.

Signs popped up around Miami's campus this spring, as the football program was in search of walk-on offensive linemen who stood at least 6-foot-1 and weigh at least 230 pounds.

The method has become a source of comedy for some. (And, you have to admit, posts like this one from Adam Kramer are pretty funny.) But Golden defended the posting of the signs, citing past success stories and admitting the offensive line is not as deep as it needs to be.

"I'm not a politician. I'm not looking for public approval," Golden told reporters last week. "At the end of the day, we're trying to find guys in the student body that can help us."

Miami will eventually have bigger problems to worry about than its perception, so I don't really see a negative to this, assuming the program can absorb a few laughs (which, based on Golden's comments, he certainly doesn't mind.) But as CBSSports.com's Chip Patterson points out, with likely scholarship reductions on the way, this is not a bad initiative to get the student body involved and find outside-the-box ways to amass potential talent.