Nebraska hurting itself, VT just hurting

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Nebraska should be up by two or three touchdowns by now. Let's go ahead and say three. Instead, the Hokies are lucky they're only trailing 12-10. Nebraska's last possession summed up its inability to cross the goal line. The Huskers got as close as the 6-yard line, but two holding calls and two false starts pushed them back to the 37 and they wound up with zero points to show for an otherwise impressive drive.

Virginia Tech on the other hand, had one yard of offense in the third quarter. That's a top 15 team? What we saw against Marshall was no indication of how the Hokies will perform against ACC defense like North Carolina and Miami. If Virginia Tech performs like this next week, there's no question who will be leading the Coastal Division -- Miami.