Updated class rankings

July, 26, 2012
Talented defensive linemen are tough to come by, but Clemson is stocking up and in turn holding its place the latest class rankings.

Florida State is the ACC's lone top 10 recruiting class so far (it's still early), but there are three teams in the top 15:

No. 10 Florida State
No. 12 Clemson
No. 15 North Carolina
No. 18 Miami
No. 19 Virginia Tech

It looks like it's getting crowded in the Coastal Division. Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson will be the first to tell you he likes his recruiting classes, and the Jackets have produced several NFL draft picks in recent years. His opponents, though, are apparently luring in even better talent.

Georgia Tech reminds me somewhat of NC State in the Atlantic Division, in that the recruiting classes don't make much of a splash, but that doesn't mean those programs can't or won't be contenders in their respective divisions. Both have good coaches and find the players who fit their respective needs, regardless of what the recruiting services might say. It's usually a harder climb to the top, though, when you start at the bottom of the recruiting rankings.



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