London taking his time with QB competition

Virginia coach Mike London said he will release a depth chart on Monday, but that he is in no hurry to name his starting quarterback.

London said he and offensive coordinator Bill Lazor have been evaluating the quarterbacks thoroughly during summer camp, but he also wants to see how they perform in today’s scrimmage and in the four remaining practices of fall camp. London said there is a “high probability” that true freshmen Greyson Lambert and Matt Johns will be redshirted this year, officially limiting the competition to returning starter Michael Rocco, transfer Phillip Sims, and sophomore David Watford.

“We’re not in a hurry to make any decisions right now based on where they are right now,” London said on Wednesday’s teleconference. “… We’re going to take our time and do this thing right, and I want to have a chance to talk to all of the quarterbacks after we’ve seen the accumulated amount of reps and situations they’ve been in.”

London said the coaching staff plans to “throw everything we can at them and find out what they can handle.” London said Sims is still learning the system, and needs to be put in a few more situations to see how he reacts.

“He’s been in college games,” London said. “He’s got a very good arm. There are so many things positive about what he has that the only thing that’s lacking, that’s left is you have to understand the system and schemes our receivers and linemen and everyone else knows right now. They know it pretty good. And the speed at which he can catch up to that is all determined by what he can handle on the field in live practice situations with coaches not on the field. He’s very skillful, that’s for sure, but David and Michael are very skillful in their own right as well.”