FSU's quarterbacks working well together

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder made it all the way through the first series of the second half against Western Carolina before offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher decided to see what D'Vontrey Richardson could do in a game situation.

The better question might be what can't this duo do.

Richardson and Ponder accounted for six total touchdowns in the program's most lopsided victory in school history. Ponder threw for three touchdowns while Richardson threw one and ran for two more in the Seminoles' 69-0 romp of Western Carolina.

Granted, it was against an outmanned, overmatched opponent, but all indications are it's going to be hard for Fisher to keep both of them off the field this season.

"We'll see as how we plan on playing them," Fisher said. "There may be some situations where you might want to play D'Vontrey earlier. ... I was hoping to get him in earlier the other day, the scenario just didn't work out. We got hot so quick in the second quarter and then you didn't want to break that momentum ... You wanted to keep that fluidity of the game going and keep Christian going and get his confidence going because of the way we got on the roll and because I say we changed diapers the first quarter and then we played three.

"We'll see how that goes. He may get in earlier, but he's earned the right. He brings things to the table. Like I've said, he would be a good quarterback if he couldn't run, D'Vontrey. He can throw the ball, too. We've got to get him in there."

In addition to a 52-yard rushing touchdown, Richardson also threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Jarmon Fortson. He completed 5 of 6 passes for 57 yards. None of the quarterbacks threw an interception.

Ponder, who completed 11 of 17 passes for 196 yards, said he's got no problem sharing the spotlight.

"I'm fine with it," he said. "D'Vontrey is definitely a guy we need in this offense. He's a guy that can make a play at anytime as well. He'd be a great weapon to use. He's really earned the right to play ... I think he should be in there."

So does Fisher.

"They're different and they're the same," he said. "One is a much better runner than y'all think, and the other is a much better thrower than y'all think. They're both very multidimensional and have a lot of attributes."

The one quarterback who didn't see a lot of time was veteran Drew Weatherford, who completed 1 of 2 passes, but Ponder said the former starter has handled his new role with maturity.

"Drew's been put in a tough situation," Ponder said. "He's been a very supportive guy throughout this whole thing. He's helped me. He's always a team-first guy."