ACC moves up in power rankings

The ACC had been in a lonely place the past few weeks in the ESPN Stats & Information conference power rankings, falling behind the Big East and into the No. 6 spot.

But this week, the league is moving up in the world.

Well, moving up and ahead of the Big East. The ACC has jumped one spot to No. 5 and has its sights set on the Big Ten, with a 2.7-point differential separating the two.

So why the change in the latest standings? Well, the ACC has two teams ranked in the Top 10 in the AP and coaches polls. The Big East, which had three ranked, unbeaten teams two weeks ago, is now down to one -- Louisville. The conference power rankings are a measure of each league's strength, hence the reason for the Big East's big drop.

The SEC remains No. 1 and has grown its lead on the Big 12.

Here are the complete standings:

ESPN Stats & Information College Football Conference Power Rankings