Who will win the Atlantic Division ... today?

Posted by ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich

As we all know, the Atlantic Division race is wide open. Let's focus on the positives for a minute, shall we? Here’s a quick look at who has the best shot right now and why (Remember, this isn’t a power ranking, it’s an impossible prediction as to who will finish first):

1. Boston College -- Why not? The Eagles have already defeated Wake Forest and Florida State and will face NC State at home. If Dave Shinskie can continue to manage the offense without turning the ball over, and the Eagles continue to run the ball and play solid defense, they can go from the outhouse to the penthouse pretty quickly.

2. Wake Forest -- The Deacs have the coaching staff and the veteran quarterback, two very important ingredients in a quest for a championship. They also have Maryland and Florida State at home.

3. NC State -- Russell Wilson is a game-changer, and this team tends to be at its best in the second half of the season. An Oct. 24 bye week is the perfect time to prepare for a three-game stretch against Atlantic Division opponents.

4. Clemson -- These Tigers don’t have any quit in them, and that starts at the top. They’ve also got a defense capable of keeping them in every game, if they could just squeeze out some more points.

5. Maryland -- The Terps aren’t a bad football team, and they have enough talent at the skill positions. But they’ve got to get better up front and quit turning it over if they’re going to stay in the mix.

6. Florida State -- It’s not over yet for the Noles, especially if they cut down on their mistakes. Most of what’s gone wrong for FSU is correctable with practice and focus. Their season-defining stretch of the schedule still lies ahead.