Poll: Where should ACC hold its title game?

The poor attendance at this season's Dr Pepper ACC championship game made headlines.

College football fans didn't hold back their thoughts about it on Twitter:

Cameron Yost‏@cyost12: Haha this ACC Championship game attendance is a joke...

Victoriam_Adsum‏@Carpe_DiemUF81: LOL, the attendance for the ACC Championship Game is PATHETIC! That's a reason alone not to goto an ACC school! #Fail

G. Sentell‏@greggds: I wonder if the attendance at tonight's ACC Championship Game covers the overhead for keeping the lights on

Andrew Scalf‏@andrew_scalf: This acc championship game has a worse attendance than a jags home game.

Jim Wells‏@JimWells88: Proposed solution to the ACC championship game attendance: have the game at the home stadium of the team ranked highest in the BCS.

Jeff Weintraub‏@TheDailyTraub: The ACC Championship game and the Big Ten Championship game are having a contest to see who can have the least amount of attendance tonight

Benjamin Bruning‏@NCSUalum: Look at the attendance numbers at the ACC championship game. The #GreensboroColiseum needs to host at least one year

Sean Keeley‏@NunesMagician: I'm concerned about the attendance at the 2013 ACC Championship game when Syracuse is playing Duke.

You get the idea.

Earlier today, Andrea Adelson and I debated whether or not the ACC championship game should stay in Charlotte, or, like Jim suggested, be played on the campus of the higher-ranked division winner. AA says keep it on campus. I say keep it in Charlotte. What say you? Cast your votes now.