ACC at No. 5 in conference power rankings

Our friends at ESPN Stats & Information have come out with their final regular-season conference power rankings, and the ACC remains in the No. 5 spot.

No surprise there.

Now perhaps the league can make some noise in bowl season. Sharon Katz writes:

All of the conferences will have the chance to prove their relative strength during bowl season. The ACC will try to improve upon its abysmal 2-6 bowl record last season, and the Big Ten will look to play better in its January bowl games than its 3-9 record over the last two seasons.

Interestingly enough, the ACC did not gain much ground on the Big Ten, which sits at No. 4 in the rankings, after the conference championship games of last weekend. The Big Ten saw No. 12 Nebraska get demolished by Wisconsin. No. 13 Florida State won, and the ACC finished with two teams ranked in the Top 14 of the final BCS standings -- not the Big Ten.

As for who remains at the top of the power rankings -- the SEC of course.

Here are the full rankings.

ESPN Stats & Information College Football Conference Power Rankings