ACC chat wrap

You missed the chat? Tsk, tsk. How else would you know that Duke Johnson is the ACC's best returning running back in 2013, or that UNC won't win the Coastal next year without Giovani Bernard? Allow me to fill you in with a snippet of our conversation ...

Dave (Eastern NC): Do you see UNC winning the Coastal next year even with Gio gone?

Heather Dinich (1:02 PM): Nope. They've got too much to replace on the o-line.

Adam (Hardwick (MA)): With Gio going pro, is Duke Johnson the best RB returning in the ACC? Can he get 1000 yards in 2013? Also do you see any Miami players going pro early?

Heather Dinich (1:04 PM): Yes, Duke would get my vote as the best returning RB in the ACC. He was just shy of 1,000 this year, so yes, no reason to think he can't do it next year. Dunno about pro. You never know with those guys.

Bryan (Raleigh): What are your thoughts on the new assistant coaches NCSU has hired?

Heather Dinich (1:07 PM): Jury is still out. I think this will be Huxtable's third different job in as many years. He's got a reputation for developing players up front. Pitt was No. 16 in total D last year. As for OC, I don't know. Canada had an up and down season at Wisconsin. He drew some criticism. Again, I think we need to let it play out a bit.

BJ (Atlanta): How can GT continue to keep Paul Johnson at the helm? Teams have figured out how to slow down the triple option, HS kids don't want to play in that style offense, and Paul Johnson is one of the surliest guys with the media, I think kids are turned off by this guy & where Tech's football program is going.

Heather Dinich (1:47 PM): I don't think teams have "figured it out," but you are right about recruiting. Georgia Tech should be better next year, with most of the guys returning, but recruiting? Georgia has blown by, and that can't be good.

Mike D (Lake Wales Fl): A loss to NIU puts Fisher on the hot seat?

Heather Dinich (1:49 PM): If FSU fans don't get to him first. Here's the thing about Jimbo Fisher -- he continues almost EVERY year to squeeze more money out of FSU with another contract extension. FSU fans can complain all they want, but Fisher's buyout has to be pretty pricey by now.

Dave (Boston): Any truth to the rumors of the Fridge OCing at VT next year?

Heather Dinich (1:50 PM): Just rumors, and personally, I don't think it would happen because I think Ralph is too old for what VT would need should it want a replacement.