Friday mailblog: FSU edition

FSU fans seemed to take offense to my Discover Orange Bowl column. Huh.

Jeff in Boston writes: Hey Heather,I think you should respond to the mob commenting on your 'FSU has hit its ceiling story'.Everyone thinks you are pretty mean.Thanks,Jeff

HD: Mean?! Me? You should read some of the things FSU fans wrote! Problem is, I can't publish half of them ...

Robert Graham in Tallahassee writes: HeatherHow does FSU covering the spread and winning by 21 points seem unimpressive. We didn't choose to play NIU, the GLORIOUS BCS system ranked the school 15th, so we played a top 15 team. "Clemson looked more impressive in their bowl game?" They won by a single point in the final seconds, but since it was a MIGHTY SEC team it is more impressive. Your bias against FSU is growing more and more ridiculous. Go back to Indianna, and I'll stay here in Tallahassee with my Seminoles and our latest BCS trophy.

HD: Oh please. Florida State was a dud for 3.5 quarters. That team is too good to be a dud against anyone, let alone a MAC team that had no offense other than its QB running up the middle every play. The Noles continued to play down to their opponent, and that's on Jimbo Fisher. Believe it or not, some FSU fans actually agree with me ...

Debbie O'Connor in Tallahassee writes: You have hit the nail right on the head with your analysis of FSU's uninspired football season, as typified by the recent Orange Bowl game. How can a team with this much raw talent be so banal and irresolute? NO LEADERSHIP. We got the bottom of the barrel when we got Jimbo Fisher from LSU. He's timid and depressingly optimistic. He plays scared. He is not who we thought he would be, and he needs to go. FSU used to play like a well-oiled machine when we had such talent, but it takes a good mechanic to tune up the engine. Fisher ain't it. He's still coaching as if he's "in waiting," as if someone like God is going to call in the miracle plays. If FSU wants to get back to its glory days, the athletic director and the administration need to cut bait while they can. As you said, if we've hit the ceiling, then it's fruitless to continue with this coach. He's no Nick Saban. In fact, he's not even Les Miles or Will Muschamp.

HD: See, I don't think he needs to be fired. No way, not even close. He's changed the culture there, and he's brought in character kids who represent the university well and also happen to be first-round draft material. I think he's a great CEO and recruiter. All he has to do is hire the next Chad Morris.

Phil Schneider in Minocqua, Wis., writes: Your analysis of Florida State and their 'narrow' win over Northern Illinois doesn't hold water. Your 'narrow' focus is sort of out of focus based on one game. You reek of Big Ten attitude, probably the most overrated conference in college football. If you want to pick on someone, maybe Indiana would be a more choice victim. The records the Seminoles have set over the years are pretty remarkable.... stay tuned for next year. Maybe you should just sit back and watch and keep your thoughts to yourself.

HD: Then what would you guys talk about?

Mike Levin in Pasco, Wash., writes: I read your article and I thought it was terrible. Why do you think the Noles have reached it's ceiling. I believe a 12-2 season is a great start. Next year they will be better. I thought we played better in the Orange Bowl than we did in the ACC champoinship. Why are you so biased towards FSU!!!!!! i'm just sayin - Mike Levin class of 1986 FSU GO NOLES

HD: Yes, 12-2 is something to be proud of, but no way should FSU have lost at NC State, and if Louisville was able to beat the Gators, FSU should have found a way, too.

Tom Burr in Tallahassee writes: Let's just hand Clemson the ACC trophy for 2013 now and move on to 2014. Or, we could wait until the season plays out. A novel idea.

HD: Right. Because clearly nobody ever annointed FSU ACC champs before it actually happened.

Tyler in Tallahassee writes: Heather,I am very concerned on what you are actually watching when it comes to Florida State Football games. Your analysis of the games is completely lopsided and false. FSU's win over NIU was dominant, decisive and overwhelming. We never trailed and also Jordan Lynch had the worst game of his season. Please do me and the rest of the nole nation a favor and report non-biased media. Not every game is won with perfect numbers and outrageous stats. A win is a win. We beat the team the orange bowl picked for us. Please report the truth and maybe watch a FSU game, or two.

HD: "Dominant, decisive and overwhelming?" You're right, I was not watching the same game as you.

Frank in Dayton, Ohio, writes: Diehard FSU fan here. I read your blog daily and agree with most of what you write, even yesterday's story about the underwhelming Orange Bowl victory. But I have to laugh at all the negativity from everywhere concerning this game. I said when it was announced - this is a no-win situation for FSU. What would be said had they won 70-0? Nothing positive; there was no pleasing anyone no matter what happened in this game. They had no control over who they played, so they shouldn't be blamed for it. Yeah, they were their usual inconsistent selves, but they still won by 3 touchdowns. They did what they were supposed to do, unlike the Gators.

HD: Fair. Reasonable. Rational. I'll take it.