Friday Mailblog

Spring ball is in the air ...

Mark in Washington, D.C., writes: Heather, In non-conference schedule rankings, you list Ga Tech as playing 1 BCS school and 2 FCS schools. Does BYU not count as a BCS school anymore?If BYU does count, why does Ga Tech need 7 wins to be considered bowl eligible?Mark

HD: The Jackets do have two FCS teams -- Elon and Alabama A&M. BYU doesn not play in a BCS, automatic-qualifying conference (Big Ten, SEC, ACC, Big East, Pac-12 or Big 12). That has nothing to do with Georgia Tech's bowl eligibility, though. It's the two FCS schools -- only one of them counts toward bowl eligibility.

Jesse Pardue in Trenton, Ga., writes: Heather,Even with all of the offseason coaching changes and great players that have moved on, do you think that Florida State could still have the edge to be at the top of the ACC? Even over a team like Clemson?

HD: Heck, yeah. Who's to say these staff changes won't actually amount to an upgrade? And you never know what's going to happen in the ACC. There certainly isn't a huge gap between FSU and Clemson (and apparently FSU and NC State, for that matter). Florida State's roster is still loaded with talent and speed. Until proven otherwise, it's still one of the top teams in the country and the ACC, but there should definitely be some bumps in the road as the team adjusts to all of the changes.

Brett in Los Angeles, Calif., writes: Heather, I'm a long time Hokie fan and have enjoyed the trip to Miami for the VT-UM game every other year for more than a decade. Any idea why the VT schedule has road games to Miami 2 years in a row (2012 and now 2013). I think similar changes happened with other teams on the VT schedule this year as well.ThanksBrett

HD: Yes, Brett, that is one of six repeat site games that occurred because of ACC expansion and the addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse. The ACC didn’t “pick” which teams have to repeat their travel schedule from 2012. It’s just the way the chips fell as a result of the formula. This isn’t the first time this has happened. The ACC also had repeat-site games in 2006, after expansion.

Rob in Charlotte, N.C., writes: What are your thoughts on Virginia Tech's Schedule? Seems a bit unfair to me. Everyone knows how tough Georgia Tech is on a short week. Virginia Tech gets them away after 5 days rest. The ACC has also blessed the Hokies with a repeat of their two farthest conference road trips: @ BC and @ Miami. What makes is worse, is these 2 games come in back to back weeks. That is more than 3400 miles on the road in 2 weeks. I understand that this is due to the previously agreed upon home and home with Pitt, but really? They are slated for the longest possible road trips in back to back weeks? Seems to me like there were other ways.Sincerely,A concerned hokie.

HD: Rob, I understand what you're saying, especially the part about back-to-back road trips that span the ACC globe in early November. With that being said, I have a hard time criticizing the ACC for its scheduling, especially this year, because there are 14 teams involved. I cannot imagine trying to figure out this schedule. ACC fans were all in a frenzy because it wasn't released sooner, but personally, I think you guys should be thrilled it was released this month, period. There are definitely teams that have a more difficult road than others, but you know what? Georgia Tech is complaining too, and they're the ones who get the Hokies at home on Thursday night, so there are pluses and minuses for everyone. My advice? Win more.