NoleNation: Joyner makes his move

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Lamarcus Joyner knows how he's perceived. He's 5-foot-8, and no matter how much time he spends in the weight room, no matter how many hits he delivers on the field, he won't get taller.

Even now, as he begins spring practice as a cornerback for the first time in years, he's still the smallest player at his position, and the questions about his future still abound.

"All my life people have said I'm undersized," Joyner said. "They're going to say the same things at corner. I'm still 5-8."

So Joyner isn't expecting any miracles this season, no overnight transformation into an NFL archetype that will rocket him up the draft boards of NFL teams. Still, he has returned to Florida State for his senior season and swapped positions in hopes of changing some minds about his limitations.

Joyner has fought the same battles his entire life, and if he can't find a way to change people's perceptions, he's looking for a way around them. In this case, he simply needed to return to his roots.

"I love corner," Joyner said. "I feel like I'm back at home. I feel like I'm doing what my body was made to do, and that's run with receivers all day."

Not that Joyner is getting pinned down by labels. He doesn't view his role in 2013 as a switch to cornerback so much as an expansion of his overall duties in the secondary. He's out to prove his versatility, and that makes it tough to define exactly how he'll be utilized.

"Nickel, cornerback, gotta go back at safety -- whatever," he said.

This is actually part of Joyner's sales pitch for the move.

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