Friday mailblog

Hope everyone has a happy Easter ...

Mark Wilson in Columbus, Ohio, writes: Surprised that Beamer's son wasn't moved to a new role since run game lagged in 2012? Or is this seen as purely an O line issue?

HD: Nope, not surprised at all. Shane Beamer will be the first to admit he could have done a better job last season, but the reality of the situation was that the offensive line was subpar, and the running backs were young, inexperienced, and a true star never emerged in the group. Shane did the best he could with what he had to work with. I'd be really surprised if this year's group wasn't better.

Jake in Montreal writes:Hey Heather, Love the Wreck at Tech, im hoping for a big 2013 season. As a fan, i really like the triple option spread at GT, having said that, can i expect some more throwing formations now that we have Vad under center? Throwing out of the Shotgun?. They have ran that spread pistol running jet sweeps, but maybe some actual designed passes? Have a good one! Jake

HD: Jake, the question is not how much more they'll throw it, it's who they'll throw it to. It's a very thin group, as only two receivers who caught a pass last season are practicing this spring. Also, it's not like Vad Lee looked like a Heisman candidate when he threw the ball last season. He only completed 48.2 percent of his passes with four touchdowns to three interceptions. (To be fair, most of those passes were long downfield attempts). Paul Johnson is working with the quarterbacks this spring, and nobody knows his offense better than he does. I'm sure he'll know quickly whether or not Vad has what it takes to open up the playbook a bit.

Doug in Easley, SC, writes: Is Tajh Boyda legitimate Heisman candidate for the upcoming year?

HD: Anyone who says he's not didn't see him play last season. I think he has to go 2-1 against UGA, FSU and South Carolina to get to New York. At 3-0 he should be a lock to get there.

Justin in Hokie Nation, USA writes: You have to love Logan Thomas' confidence. In your part II interview with him he mentions playing in another 14 games. To get to 14 games, the Hokies will have win the Coastal to play in the ACC Championship game. Go Hokies!

HD: I was wondering how many of you would notice that. Yeah, he's confident, and he should be. He deserves more credit than he gets. He should be better this season. With that said ...

Bob Guenthner in Tampa, Fla., writes:VT had a real let down last year. I see a qb returning that had a miserable year, no strong rb on the scene, so I ask you how bad will the Hokies lose their opening game to Alabama, -- by more than 14, 16, or 20 points?

HD: At least two TDs.