Playoff selection committee slow going

The College Football Playoff has its name and its bowl affiliates, but it is still searching for the men who will determine the teams that qualify.

Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com reported this week that "the current committee model being discussed does not include a separate and distinct representative from each of the 10 FBS conferences."

The goal is to eliminate bias. Good luck with that.

ACC commissioner John Swofford said his peers have not yet even determined a set number of committee members, but guessed the range would be between 14-18 members. Swofford said his ideal would be "a mix of current and former" coaches and athletic directors.

“A lot of decisions have been made, but the obvious major decision that’s left is the committee," Swofford said. "That’s going to be challenging, and we need to get it right. It has to be people that know the game in its current state, and that also have a great deal of credibility and trust, and it needs to be geographically proportioned. It has to be a group of people -- not everybody would necessarily want to be a part of that committee -- but enough of the right kind of people will. Fortunately right now, we have time to go about this is a very deliberate way. I’m confident, and I think the whole group is confident we’ll end up with a quality group that has the credentials I just mentioned.”