How Tajh Boyd can get better

It is a given that Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd goes into the season in the discussion as one of the top quarterbacks in the nation.

Where can he get better? ESPN Insider Travis Haney tries to answer that question. Haney spoke with quarterback guru George Whitfield, who has worked with Boyd and many elite-level quarterbacks to help them refine their skills.

Whitfield told Haney, "For Boyd, the questions are going to be 'can I continuously manage chaos? Can I get us out of bad plays?' I think he's on that Andrew Luck level of mastery. He needs to continue to push and minimize the negative stuff. You can hit the gas pedal all day, but can you get us out of the pothole? That's the next chapter."

Plenty more from WhitfieldInsider, who also weighs in on Teddy Bridgewater and Devin Gardner. You just have to be an Insider to check it out.