Follow-up on ACC officiating

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said today that the Hokies did submit film to the ACC for a review of illegal blocks during the Georgia Tech game, and that there were more than just the four previously mentioned.

“Yeah, No. 1, there was more," Beamer said. "And No. 2, the final touchdown was one of those plays on Kam [Chancellor] that should’ve been called. I think when it’s dangerous plays, we need to get that out of college football. That’s the ones that worry you, plays that could hurt a player.”

A source in the ACC office told me Virginia Tech did submit 11 plays for review (that's a fairly normal amount, but usually we don't hear about them), and the ACC agreed that its crew missed four blocking penalties against Georgia Tech in that game. Only one of them was a "chop" block, and I couldn't confirm that all of the violations involved Chancellor.

Before ACC fans get all worked up about officiating, though, remember that this is a small number of plays considering there are about 150 in the game, and league officials only found six of the 15 complaints that were turned in to be legitimate. (So, yes, Virginia Tech got away with some things, too.)

I'm told both Beamer and Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson were very professional during this process, and neither implied the game was poorly officiated. They were just looking for clarification. Of course, they also wanted to make a point, but they both know as far as the outcome of the game is concerned it's moot. Now they can use it as a teaching tool for their players as to what not to do. It's also a good learning process for the officials, and the mistakes are included on the weekly officiating tape that is shared with all officials and coaches.