Q&A: Georgia Tech RB Robert Godhigh

After a 3-3 start to the season, Georgia Tech is rolling again, and running back Robert Godhigh has been a big part of the turnaround. The former walk-on is averaging 11.3 yards per rush this season -- the top mark in the country. In his last two games, he’s tallied 200 rushing yards on just 11 carries with three touchdowns. We caught up with him to see what’s helped rejuvenate the Yellow Jackets’ ground game and their season.

Q: After a rough start to the year, Georgia Tech has won three straight. What was the key to getting things going in the right direction?

A: We just stayed positive. We started off 3-3, but everybody stayed positive and came up with the mindset that the second half of the season, we’d just take it one game at a time and try to go 1-0 every week.

Q: Tech struggled a bit in the early going last year, too, and still managed to make it to the ACC title game. Was that a good reminder for you this year that a lot can change over the course of a season?

A: Yes, we knew that it was still early on in the season, a lot of things could happen and there were still a lot of games to be played. So, we just wanted to move forward from the losses that we had and try to play our best football to keep hope alive for the end of the season and try to get back in the ACC championship race.

Q: Miami and Virginia Tech get top billing this week and have for most of the season. Has Georgia Tech liked floating under the radar the past few weeks?

A: Yeah, that’s how we approach it. We don’t really mind being the underdog. We come out and work hard every day, and we’re just trying to play our best game in all three phases -- offense, defense and special teams.

Q: There was a lot of turnover in the Tech backfield from last year, and it seemed like it took a little while for everything to click. Does it feel like you’re all on the same page now?

A: That’s expected when you have seniors, veterans leave. There’s going to be a period of time where you’ve got to get that gel with the new people. It took us a little bit, but we’re starting to finally get in that groove and get everything going how it needs to go.

Q: You’ve been on a roll the past couple games, racking up one big play after another. Do you think this is the best stretch of football you’ve played in your career?

A: I do. I’m definitely getting a lot of help from my teammates blocking on the perimeter and the linemen up front. It really goes back to the offense gelling and everybody doing their part to make the offense successful as a whole.

Q: What’s the feeling like to get on a run where each time you touch the ball, something big seems to happen?

A: It definitely feels good to be able to help the offense out like that and just to be on a roll. It definitely helps, the way our offense is set up, to get those big plays, push it up the field and get us in a position to score points.

Q: You’re off this weekend before facing Clemson. The Tigers’ defense has been an aggressive unit this season. Do you feel like your offense can take advantage of that?

A: Definitely. We can use that against them, and kind of slow them down a little bit. We definitely see some things we can use to get going, using that aggressiveness against them.

Q: So after flying beneath the radar the past few weeks, are you guys eager to make a statement against Clemson?

A: Oh, we’re definitely looking forward to making a name for ourselves and getting some recognition back to Georgia Tech and keeping our ACC hopes alive.