Follow-up on USA Today report: Assistant coaches' salaries

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Well, I'm a goofball, but you guys already knew that. One of my reporter friends pointed out to me this morning that if you click on the school in the USA Today report on assistant coaches' salaries, the entire list of assistant coaches' salaries pop up.

Worth noting in the ACC from the USA Today report:

  • Florida State has four assistant coaches making over $300,000 -- Jimbo Fisher, Rick Trickett, Mickey Andrews and Chuck Amato (in that order). Fisher, Trickett and recruiting coordinator James Coley are the only ones whose contracts extend longer than a year. That makes it pretty easy for a staff overhaul, no?

  • Fisher is the highest-paid assistant coach in the ACC at $629,000.

  • There are only three assistant coaches in the ACC making over $400,000: Fisher, Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin ($468,954) and Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster ($402,000).

  • All of Virginia's assistant coaches are on one-year contracts. Again, an easy staff overhaul. So are Georgia Tech's, though.

  • The disparity between Foster and Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring is $123,552.

  • Only four coaches in the ACC are in the 300 Club: Maryland defensive coordinator Don Brown ($307,440), Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele ($375,000), and UNC coordinators John Shoop and Everett Withers (both at $330,000). All of the other assistants, save for Fisher, Franklin and Foster, make under $300,000.