Tuesday ACC Mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

First of all, just to clarify since I've gotten a lot of emails about this, when I said on Monday's chat that I haven't seen UNC play, I said IN PERSON. I have watched every ACC team play at least one game, and have seen nine ACC teams play from my seat in the press box. That's not bad for six weeks.

Speaking of UNC, Shawn, in Hopewell, VA, writes: Hey Heather will UNC finally get some recognition if they beat Notre Dame?

Heather Dinich: Hey Shawn, I think they've gotten their recognition with a top 25 ranking.

Bill, from Providence, writes: Why are the canes afraid to throw the ball? Their number of big plays have decreased consistently since 2002. Granted we had a quarterback issue since Dorsey left. It seems that the two new young guns have arms why not use them?

Heather Dinich: You nailed, it, Bill, Miami has had subpar quarterbacks recently. Robert Marve and Jacory Harris are definite upgrades, but they're both young and still learning. Personally, I'd like to see more of what Harris can do.

Luis, in Rockville, MD, writes: Heather, How can the Terps be this bad?! There is no reason why we should get embarrassed by a team that lost to Duke. We can either win out or lose out this season. This is more frustrating than being a bad team. At least with a bad team you expect a loss. Luis PS Love your blog!

Heather Dinich: Luis, as Ralph Friedgen likes to say, "it is what it is." If the Terps were a really good football team, they wouldn't be inconsistent. Thanks for reading the blog.

Corey, in Port St. Lucie, Fla, writes: Nice work Heather... I have to ask you, should Florida State be worried going into Raleigh this Thursday night?? The Noles could suffer an emotional letdown after the win against Miami...

Heather Dinich: It's next Thursday, and no, I don't think it will be an emotional letdown. But I also don't think anyone can take North Carolina State lightly with Russell Wilson at quarterback. They're still missing key players on defense, but don't count N.C. State out. That said, Florida State is a better team right now and should win that game.

Brian, in NYC, writes: I'm a U.Va. grad and have always been a supporter of Groh. He did win ACC Coach of the Year last year and still has a following of alum that want to ride him out of town like on the Cavalier horse. Do you think the problem is with Mike Groh, his son and offensive coordinator? Or is it just youth, inexperience and losing so many players from off-field problems? I think this group has a bright future after the Maryland win. And at least hoping to pull to 6-6 and bowl eligibility.

Heather Dinich: Brian, I think after that victory over Maryland, the criticism of Al Groh and his staff can be put on hold for week or two, no? Yes, it was an incredible win over the Terps, but I'd hold off on declaring the Cavaliers bowl-eligible just yet.