ACC's lunchtime links

Now that Louisville, Maryland and Rutgers have officially joined their new conference homes, we can only hope realignment is over for a good long while.

That, however, did not stop our friends over at the SEC blog from dreaming about future expansion. In their hypothetical Take 2 post Tuesday, Greg Ostendorf and Edward Aschoff wondered which two schools would be next in line to join the SEC should the league decide to go ahead and get to 16 teams.

They each picked two ACC schools: Greg had Miami and Louisville; Edward had North Carolina and Virginia Tech.

This prompted a brief online conversation between me and Edward.

AA: I guess this means the ACC is no longer the red-headed step child if it has teams worth poaching.

EA: Well hold on there ... just UNC and Va Tech.

AA: Well FSU and Clemson are desirable, but the SEC would never take 'em. That's 4.

EA: The SEC would never take those teams. Mike Slive LOVES UNC but he also wanted Texas and OU.

AA: Jim Delany also loves UNC. Fight!

EA: SEC or Big Ten? Please.

C'mon, Edward. More like #goACC.

Forget about the league being poached for a second, because I do not think that is in the realm of possibility right now. My biggest takeaway from that debate is there are more desirable teams than ever in the league. The ACC is a little brother to no one anymore.

Now, here is a look at what is happening around the league: