Chase Rice just chasing his dream

Sports have a distinct way of teaching important, lasting life lessons: Teamwork, selflessness in the quest for the greater good, the value of sacrifice and hard work and perseverance, triumph, failure, passion and the like. Those lessons are forever. They apply in the classroom and the in boardroom and in the living room.

I thought about this for a long time after chatting with Chase Rice. His story is a real-life "Forrest Gump" script, one born from that sports-as-life premise.

Rice is a successful country music singer. He has a song on the radio. That, in itself, means he beat overwhelming odds. For every Kenny Chesney, there are a thousand honky-tonk heroes. Rice also co-wrote one of the most successful commercial country music songs of all time, played major college football, almost won the TV reality show "Survivor" and tossed aside a potential career in NASCAR with the sport's super team because his heart was in Nashville.

He is 27 years old.

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