Friday mailblog

Answering questions from Tampa today ...

Danny in College Park, Md., writes: Hey Heather,Do you think Debbie Yow's expectations for a 7-5 record from the Terps for next season are too high? And if they finish with a record under .500 next year, do you think James Franklin will take over in the 2011 season?

Heather Dinich: Danny, as an athletic director, she should expect nothing less than a winning record and a bowl appearance. Now, whether it's a realistic turnaround is another question. There is some good, young talent on that roster, but the Terps need a dependable winner at quarterback and improvement up front on both sides of the ball. If Maryland suffers another losing season, it will be in the same predicament it was this year because of the coach-in-waiting plan.

Brandon in Columbia, S.C., writes: Heather,Is Nesbitt 100% for the title game on Saturday? I know he was injured late in the game against UGA, but have not heard any prognosis. In the event Nesbitt doesn't play the entire game, will having a backup in the game change PJ's game plan?

HD: Brandon, as far as what Paul Johnson has said this week, Nesbitt is ready to go.

Maurice in L.A writes: As ACC Blog Athletic Director, I figured it was only fair to inform you that your picks performance this season was a little disappointing and you going to be on the hot seat next year. We have a rich tradition here and the boosters feel 66% is not to par with our expectations, given the facilities and fan base . If you can't lift your percentage to above 75% next season, we may be forced to go in a different direction ... for picks, otherwise, you do a great job. Thanks for all the great work this season!

HD: Lol ... At least give me the option to gracefully resign from the picks?

Jean N. in Bentonville, Ark., writes: Heather,I've enjoyed your blog this year. My question concerns the coaching situation at Virginia. There's a lot of names out there (Al Golden for sure), but with so many contrasting styles in the conference, what would you think about someone like Gus Malzahn bringing his bag of tricks to Charlottesville?Thanks for your time,JN

HD: Thanks for reading, Jean. Considering how much Virginia started to use the Wildcat formation in the final few weeks of the season, it sounds like a good fit, but I'm hearing Mike London is the frontrunner right now.

Justin in Birmingham writes: Hello from a Hokie fan in SEC Nation. I have heard some rumors lately that over the past two seasons Bud Foster has begun to grow unhappy at Tech and may be interested in the Georgia DC position. I know that he is definately interested in a head coaching position, but do you have any confirmation that he would leave Tech for the same position at a different school? Or is this just the coaching rumor wheel going crazy this time of year? Thanks.

HD: Nole Insider reported that Foster was a candidate for the FSU DC job. I have not been able to confirm that. I think he'll go to whatever program can put him in the best place to make the jump to head coach. Speaking of the FSU DC ...

Sean in Springfield, Mo., writes: Heather,Is there any word on who might be in line for the Defensive Coordinator position at FSU?

HD: The only name I've been able to confirm, thanks to SEC blogger Chris Low, is Alabama's Sal Sunseri.