Miami has 'no excuses'

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Miami senior linebacker Glenn Cook took it upon himself to go out and make bracelets for the team bearing their new motto: No excuses.

If Hurricanes should hope that new attitude will last longer than offensive tackle Jason Fox's bracelet, which already broke.

There have been one too many breakdowns in this once-storied program, but Fox said some players who contributed to that are now gone. (Of course, he didn't say who they were.)

When asked yesterday to explain what's happened in Coral Gables, Fox said, "I've been over that probably a million times in my head.

"It's just a combination of some of the players we had to get rid of were kind of cancerous to the team, that really brought us down, didn't care about football," he said. "They're gone now, which is really good for us. We can get back to focusing on football, and sometimes the coaches were more worried about punishing the guys that weren't doing anything than focusing on football, which really took away from what we needed to get done."

Like winning football games. Senior defensive end Eric Moncur said the leadership to do that has been lacking.

"The past couple of years, nobody would want to step up and become a leader and put all of that weight on their shoulders," Moncur said. "To be a leader you have to do the right things to make the younger guys follow along."

Cook took the first step.

"That's been our motto this summer and what we'll carry into the season," Fox said. "In the past, for example, if it was a receiver who had a tough ball to catch and it hits his fingers and he drops it he could've been like, 'It was a bad ball, it was hard to catch,' but now it's no excuses. You had a chance to catch it, you gotta get it done."

We're waiting.