Q&A with Shannon Part II

Man, how about Jimmy Graham getting the attention from the NFL scouts?

Randy Shannon: Oh, yeah. He’s a big kid who can run and has great hands. He made the transition. That’s the thing everybody was able to see.

How did the first season go with two new coordinators? Was it smoother than you thought it would go?

RS: It was smoother. You’re getting to know each other and things like that, but I thought it went very, very smoothly. It was good to have the professionalism and everything we’re trying to get done together as a team … it really was helpful for us as a team.

And you haven’t made any staff changes. Is anybody going anywhere?

RS: I don’t know, Heather. There’s a lot of jobs still open. You never know what’s going to happen. You really don’t know. You could say no, nobody’s leaving, but you don’t know until after the bowl games and you really don’t know until after the convention. Every year if you can wait until after the convention, you have everything settled.

Well, looking at this bowl game, everyone is talking about power vs. speed. What else do you see?

RS: It’s not a power vs. speed deal.


RS: The thing people don’t realize, Wisconsin has speed. They’re a physical football team and people keep forgetting we’re a physical football team and we like to run the football, too. The misperception is just because we’re Miami and they’re Wisconsin, they’re making it power vs. speed. It’s two teams that are equal. Both teams last year were 7-6. Both teams’ head coaches are defensive coaches. Both teams finished up 9-3. Both teams I think in the conference are 5-3. So there’s a lot of similarities. People are starting to misunderstand this game, but it will be a big challenge for us to try to get to 10, just like it will be a challenge for them to try to get to 10. Ten is the magic number you always want to try to get.

What do you want to see most from your team to build upon?

RS: Just keep building upon what we’ve done this season. Keep going, keep doing the things that need to get done, mature each time, take this as a stepping stone because last year we lost a bowl game. Let’s see if we can take that next step and win a bowl game. Those are goals we set as a football team and we’re trying to accomplish.