VT announces terms of Foster's contract

First, a reminder that this is not a coach-in-waiting scenario, nor is it intended to be.

The latest agreement for Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster, which was made public on Thursday, states that Foster will be paid $800,000 in deferred compensation if he remains employed at Virginia Tech through the 2014 football season. Should Foster leave before then, he would not receive any of that money.

The only other qualification to the 2014 date is that in the event Frank Beamer resigns or does not continue in his position as head football coach, Foster will receive the deferred compensation with the effective date of Beamer's departure.

The agreement is subject to all of the terms of Foster's existing employment contract.

I just got off the phone with Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver, and this contract does NOT imply a head-coach-in-waiting scenario. Weaver said that he, the university president and Beamer have talked about that and decided against it.

"We do not believe in a head-coach-in-waiting concept here at Virginia Tech," Weaver said. " ... What (the contract) does say is that if Bud Foster is going to continue to be a defensive coordinator, we want him to be a defensive coordinator here at Virginia Tech. There’s no reason for him to go to any other institution to be a defensive coordinator. ... We wanted him to be here. That's why the arrangement is what it is."

The revised contract was a result of interest in Foster from Florida, Georgia and Florida State for their respective defensive coordinator positions. I asked Weaver if he was willing to say anything at all regarding a vote of confidence in Foster as Virginia Tech's next head coach after Beamer decides to retire.

"We won’t even get into that and he knows that," Weaver said. "He knows we’re not getting into coach-in-waiting."

Weaver said he doesn't think Beamer will retire "anytime soon."

"We're just trying to do what we need to do on an annual basis to be as good as we can possibly be," Weaver said.

Foster recently completed his 23rd season on the Tech staff and his 15th year as a defense coordinator for the Hokies.