Florida State coach pokes fun at new NCAA rule

From his online spats with Miami super fan Luther Campbell to his tweets about Florida State’s recruiting success, Tim Brewster is one of the most active social media users in the ACC. And while it wasn’t just Brewster’s tweets that spurred the NCAA’s recent rule on subtweeting recruits’ nicknames, the FSU recruiting coordinator was more than happy to turn on the brash social media charm once more in response to the new rule.

A bit of background, courtesy of The Tallahassee Democrat:

"Brewster, FSU’s tight end coach and recruiting coordinator, has become a master in the art of subtweeting -- posting a tweet about a person or subject matter without directly mentioning the topic. He often indirectly tweets at recruits as a way to garner their attention while also riling up the Seminoles fan base."

Given that the NCAA prevents coaches from commenting on recruits or contacting them outside designated periods, this skirts the letter of the law, even if it doesn’t exactly break the rules.

So the NCAA has updated its stance, saying that coaches cannot use players’ nicknames in public forums either.

No doubt Brewster has a few other tricks up his sleeve, but in the meantime his take on the new rules is yet another reminder that Florida State is simply a monster on the recruiting trail these days, and a ban on using nicknames on Twitter won’t be much of a speed bump.